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With over 20 years of agricultural appraising in Napa, Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties, we have compiled decades of market information to provide our clients with accurate, on-trend valuations.

Our Team

Michael J. Jordan


Certified General

Real Estate Appraiser

BREA Appraiser #AG 02767

Our Ethos

We represent two generations, who grew up in Napa Valley knowing father-and-son teams in all avenues of business as the backbone of our local community. Our father-and-son business promises clients extensive and relevant knowledge of current market value for bare land, vineyards, wineries and a variety of commercial and agricultural uses, as well as estate planning and date-of-death appraisals.

Family values and our strong, honest work ethic are reflected in our commitment to deliver a comprehensive, high-quality report to each and every client.

James N. Jordan


Real Estate Appraiser

BREA Appraiser #3005075

we Specialize in

Our Services


Vineyards & Wineries

We offer expertise in the valuation of commercial vineyard and wine-making operations and large-scale commercial farms and wineries, as well as smaller boutique facilities and plantings.


Commercial Properties & Land

Valuation services for commercial structures, bare land, and proposed developments, including valuations for lenders, estate managers, and private parties.


Estate Homes

In addition to our commercially-focused work, we provide valuation services for a variety of properties including those with estate-quality housing, rural residences, and proposed construction projects.

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